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  1. This is very good and I love making the pastry from scratch. One respectful and constructive suggestion. Kindly look up the Indian method of the triangular fold which has no holes. This keeps oil from entering the Samosa during frying and messing with the flavors and texture inside. It’s based on simple but effective triangular geometry. Check it out sometime.

  2. Went to Washington a couple of months ago. We went to Pike Place Market and there was this tiny shop right next to a donut place. The line was too long to the donut place, so I left my family in the line while I went next stall to buy some samosas. The guy explained to me that he specializes in different samosas: African, Indian, and Pakistani. He sold out on his Potato samosas, but he had plenty of chicken and beef. He was closing down for the day, so I bought four each, but he gave me two free ones each. The African/beef samosas were hands down, the best of the best! I’m going to make these as soon as my kitchen renovation is done!

  3. I used to live in the Western Highlands of Kenya. We would travel to Kisumu often to shop, and would have lunch at the “Tot”, or “Talk Of the Town” restaurant. They made the best mutton Samosa. They were served with small chips. The best I have ever had! I love Kenya! Asante!

  4. Sooo Beautiful Mother and daughter Collabo..Both very beautiful Women,God bless you.Adding peas is a lovely idea👍🏾please can I use the same reciepe and ingredients for chicken filling?Thankyou.God Bless you soo much.

  5. I was looking for samosa recipe, and came across this nifty little sambosa recipe- absolutely delicious!! Especially with the lime- will definitely be making again! Changed it just a smidgen with finely chopped baby carrots instead of peas(didn't have any!), and used scotch bonnet pepper instead of jalapeño- scrumptious!! Thanks! 🙂

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