Kesar Peda (Indian Milk Dessert) by Manjula

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  1. Hi Manjula, I've been trying to reciprocate to your reply on your site since yesterday but there's some prob… can't get thru…
    I just want to thank you for your prompt reply to my query. And yes, I shall definitely try these out as per your directions, and give you the feedback on how they turned out. Thanks once again.

  2. Thank you. I made it today and they were very tasty just like the store ones.
    Only problem was that I could feel the graininess of sugar when eating it. I mixed it when the khoa was cooled completely.
    May be next time I will mix it when it is slightly warm or powder the sugar again.

  3. I enjoyed watching this video.
    Thanks for educating the community about cooking.

    I am in search of good gas stove.
    During your demo I saw the Gas Stove. May I know where did you buy that?

    Any help is great.

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