Khaman (Besan) Dhokla Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Just tried Khaman Dhoklah for the first time today and I will be trying your recipie because I must learn how to make this. It's like an India version of corn bread but made with chickpea flour. Sooooooo delicious!!!!

  2. Manjula Didi , I have learned rosgollah from looking at your recipe and I'm Very much thankful to you. So I wanted to see your recipe for Dhokla and today I learned another Secret mixing bit semolina too give a good spongy texture also end bit also bit different from others. So I will try your recipe. I wish you very best from my heart . Keep up with your good recipe and share with us. Love from uk

  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Comparing it to your recipe for suji dhokla, I noticed you did not invert this one onto a platter before cutting and adding seasoning, like you did the other. Is there a special reason for it? Is this more fragile or something? Thank you again.

  4. Thank you so much for the recipe and tutorial. I really enjoy your videos. I'm trying to teach myself how to make more Indian cuisine for my family as it is so healthy. Your videos are helping me a great deal.

  5. Today I've done it! again ..and again. Always better  the taste and result. I bought Eno the last time in Delhi but hope to bu more next time in India. Nothing similar is sold in Italy. And in Delhi it seemed it was recollected because no more on production. But, let's check directly….enjoy dhokla!. Love it. One of the best recipe ….

  6. I was trying to make khaman for years but never came out good. Thanks for the recipe. I just made today and it came out soft and fluffy. Thank you Aunty !

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