Killer Halloween Recipes and Decorations

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  1. very artistic samples of tasty creativity, ideal to enjoy a very happy halloween with something tasty in the mouth, bon appetit everyone, !BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¡, !YUMMY YUMMY¡.

  2. One of my favourites came from [of all people] Martha Stewart.
    Marty always did great Halloween shows, she seemed to get off on it particularly.
    So, what you do is:
    – Buy a BRAND NEW [definitely not used] baby's potty chair.
    – Fill the pot 2/3 full of lemon jello.
    – Once it's mostly set, get a few mini Oh Henry bars [Halloween Candy size] and float them on the surface.
    – Pour in more unset lemon jello to just cover them, then let it set.
    – Put the pot back in the potty seat, and set it out on the desert table.
    That idea was so completely bent, I couldn't help but admire the woman.

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