Korean Beef Bulgogi Recipe

Pronounced bool-go-gee, bulgogi translates to “fire meat.” This dish is comprised of thinly sliced marinated meat that is most commonly cooked on the grill but …


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  1. Hello Chef, I'm doing Bulgogi with 30lbs of boneless chicken thighs. I drew the short straw and I am preparing the meat for a 50 person wedding party. Would you just do the math and increase the amounts? Or do you have a tip that could help me blow these people away?

  2. Wow it looks delicious 🙂 as Korean, I was pleased to watch it. If you have sesame oil, it’s nice to add in ur sauce or drizzle a little but at the end (more Korean style) Thank you for sharing this!

  3. I think I’ve found my new favorite channel!!! My hubby loves Bulgogi, always orders it at restaurants. I love cooking homemade recipes so I will definitely try this one for him. Thank you!

  4. I was told to add thinly sliced white part of the big green onion (tokyo negi) when stir frying. They don’t have much bite to it, but apparently they absorb the excess marinade and become super tasty. Will try this recipe for sure. I love Korean food. Thanks, chef Billy.

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