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  1. I have all the ingredients at home but no rice flour, how will that change the recipe? I'm sure local grocery and/or Indian market will have rice flour. what is rice flour called in hindi? ty

  2. I tried it out yesterday it was absolutely finger licking good….thank you for sharing. I loved this dish a lot during our stay in Rajasthan and was curious at the technique involved…..

  3. Dont forget to clean each & every Okra to get rid of the slime otherwise it wont be so kurkuras.
    Also I have a question. Can I use all purpose flower instead of Besan & rice flower?

  4. Namaste aunt Manjula, learned a new recipe. But do you know that you make a chutney with eggplant, peppers, lemon and a few vegetables together. In India they call it pickles and sometimes chutney. Hopefully you know what I mean.

  5. Hi Manjula ji

    We would like to feature you in our monthly magazine- Smart City, published from Hyderabad, India. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank You
    Editorial Team
    Smart City Magazine

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