Lasagna Bolognese Recipe

I’m guessing the way you make lasagna is with some dried noodles, ricotta, eggs, mozzarella, parmesan and some sort of tomato or meat sauce correct?


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  1. In the UK we always used the béchamel method. In the past we did not have wide access to ricotta and marsCapone cheese etc. Cheddar was our only use of cheese and later a bit of Parmesan (no pecorino), So white sauce was our normal; we were not taught any other way. But now we are becoming curious and fascinated about the American Italian method and beginning to use the white cheeses instead of the traditional white sauce way (me included). How crazy is that🙋🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

  2. I made this recipe and followed it exactly. I was skeptical along the way as there aren’t a lot of seasonings. But I had faith and continued on, since I have not been disappointed by Chef Parisi recipe. The end result was AMAZING! My husband went bananas over this. So much flavor, not too gooey and one of the best dinners ever! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  3. I’m first gen.Sicilian and I love to cook and bake…. Your bolognese lasagna rings true!! My mother loved using bechamel instead of ricotta in lasagnas or pasta al forno. I make my mom’s spinach pie with raisins, and something called scatch, very thin bread dough filled with Italian sausage and ricotta, then rolled like a strudel. OMG, soooo delicious…… I always wanted to go to the CIA but instead got my Ph.D in microbiology… I’m in NY about 10 miles north of the CIA campus, where I have taken some Saturday short courses in the past. Thanks, happy I discovered your channel…Ciao!!

  4. I followed this recipe except i dont eat pork so i used all beef instead, broooo that was the best lasagne i ever ate. Even my house hold was loving it, thanks chef!

  5. Made this the other day it was amazing! I was the person who hated lasagna because it was always overseasoned but with this recipe you turned me. Why did we need to boil the pasta ? Do you need to do this only with fresh pasta or ? Thank you for another great recipe, this is my 3/4 time cooking with you chef Billy 🙂

  6. Made this lasagna tonight with self made pasta sleeves and it was absolutly amazing…. Did however put some more chili and origano in the the tomato paste 🙂 thanks very much for the recipe

  7. Yep…folks you must make the sauce as he does. I put celery in mine too. The longer you cook your sauce, the better. 5hrs.
    The bechemel is also the secret. Greeks use it in pastiso.

  8. Our community has moved to the next phase of the pandemic so we are going to open our home tonight to our church family. This lasagna is what I’m going to serve. Don’t have time for the noodles because I’m also making your awesome sourdough bread and roasted veggies. Gotta clean the house and plant my flowers as well, but next time I’m going with the pasta. Thank you, Billy. You’re making me such a better cook that my husband has asked me to stop cooking. He says it soooo good he can’t not eat it.

  9. There’s no garlic in a traditional Bolognese Ragù, also, go lighter on the tomato. There is no Mozzarella cheese either. Other than that, a great recipe. 👍🏽

  10. Nice …very delicious Billy. Of course we have the same name so am sure you will always make it right… I am a fun now officially…thanks bro

  11. Is it really necessary to boil the noodles? Those cook really fast and you're already cooking it in the oven for 40 minutes anyway. Anyway, amazing work!

  12. I mean no offense by saying this, as I'm sure you know what you're doing but, you shouldn't simmer the meat in the wine. You're really missing out on some great flavors that are added by truly browning the meat, alone, while continously dipping out the drippings (Maillard reaction) then, pouring in the wine, deglazing the meat and scraping up all the yummy "Fond" from the bottom.

  13. CANNOT wait to make this!!!!!!!! And best part is you really get two recipes in one: lasagna, but also spaghetti bolognese if you just cut ur pasta into spaghetti. 😍😍😍😍

  14. Billy! Oh dear, where to start? so much to say. First, I checked your website and I have NO idea why I didn't do it earlier!!!! There is SO much to discover, enjoy and to learn there. I checked the Panettone and it's amazing. I love fresh pasta, but don't make it too often. I'm now watching from Singapore and just wishing to be back home soon to make this! Thanks so much 😊

  15. There is run of the mill lasagna and there is lasagna made by the incredible Chef Billy Parisi. It's authentically Italian with bangs of flavour – stunning! ~ Lorie

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