Lentil Oat Burgers | Vegan Burger | The Pot Thickens

Lentil Oat Burgers | Vegan Burger | The Pot Thickens You can make this healthy burger recipe easily at home. This is a nutritious …


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  1. looks very yummy. i like to use a plant based paste thing like this instead of meat sometimes. i used beans with carrots for it once but i forgot how i made it. i will save this for future use

  2. One of the best things about non-meat dishes is being able to taste as you go! It sucks to have to wait until the dish is ready to realize it doesn't taste right! 😅

  3. I've tried a number of vegan burgers and your lentil-based recipe is the best! I used coconut aminos in place of maggi, omitted the Italian herbs and added nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, cooked mushrooms and ketchup. Thank you!

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