Let’s Debunk The Idea That Vegans Aren’t Healthy

Thanks so much to Complement for sponsoring this video! I’ve been loving taking these supplements that are formulated …


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  1. I have tried Herbaland (started with your pack actually, until they ran out), then have been taking Ritual for 6 months, but going back to Herbaland just the woman’s daily multi and the D3/B12. What are you finding different with Compliment? Maybe something to try next. Ritual was way too expensive to justify/sustain (also used the Synbiotic+ so together was about $140/month CAD!!)

  2. There are vegans who are healthy and vegans who aren't, I think the difference is those who are invested in being healthy and learning how to create nutritional meals and pay attention to nutrient intake
    And those who just wanna eat a bag of chips on the couch lol

  3. it’s so empirically false. as an OBGYN, i can tell you there are hundreds of articles out there proving the bloodwork and health data of plant-based patients to be far healthier than our necrovore counterparts.

  4. My partner and I have taken complement essentials since transitioning to veganism four years ago! Our yearly blood tests are stellar and I’ve never felt better. Planning a vegan diet is much simpler than we ever thought it could be.

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