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  1. rochester ny here …i actually dont like them but mainly because i dont like mac salad i feel as if he shouldve swaped mac salad and do mac n cheese . the meat sauce would go perfect with cheese

  2. I went to that place as a vegetarian.. my gross brother and father insisted on it. This was in my pre-vegan days, so I requested just a grilled cheese since everything else had meat. I asked that they do it in a pan, to avoid the gross animal fat coated grill. There were literally 4 guys behind the counter looking at each other like, "Wait…do we have a pan?" They eventually found one, and I got my grilled cheese. Can't recommend the place. It's famous just because it's a place for frat boys, and frat boys grow up to rule this country.

  3. This video reminded me to purchase your book. Not that I was on the fence. We’ve just been super sick and out of it. However, thanks to this reminder, I immediately purchased it. Very excited

  4. Omg I’m from the Rochester area! Yassss, garbage plates are a drunken college night staple (but let’s be real my husband and I still eat them randomly whenever) Nick “Tahoo” 😂 I’m dying.

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