Linguine with Clam Sauce Recipe (Pasta Alle Vongole)

You will absolutely love this very easy-to-make Linguine with Clam Sauce recipe that has homemade pasta in a delicious garlicky clam sauce. To me, linguine …


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  1. Here is a tip from an Oregon Coast viewer. Adding sea salt to the water helps those clams think that the tide has come in. 2-4 hours in the refrigerator and they have spit out all of their sand. Easy on the salt, make it taste like the ocean

  2. Just made this recipe. Never did this before. I don't even eat clams. My husband always orders this when dinning out & I eat some of the linguine & dip a few pieces of bread into the broth. Husband Traeger'd the clams till they they slightly opened while I had the broth ready & waiting to go while waiting for him to bring in the clams & finished in the your broth recipe while linguini was boiling. I did add about 4 Tbs of Irish butter into the broth to kick it up a notch & the juice of 1 small fresh lemon after adding the linguine. O…M…Gosh… EXCELLENT!! 👏🏼 sprinkled chili flakes and grated some fresh parmigiano reggiano on top after serving. Superb!! Thank You for sharing ~ LOVE this recipe 💞

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