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  1. Looks good for sure, but I found that using a cheese sauce tastes better and has more surface area. And layering chips on top like a lasagna will make your nachos soggy. Just a quick tip

  2. how. how does the word vegan even show up in the comments? literally, this video has nothing to do with it. "I just want to eat this and shove in a Vegans face" really???
    what a vegan shoved vegan food up your face?
    it's funny how adults and teens in a public comment section don't even know the simple "treat others the way you want to be treated" we are taught in 3rd grade.
    seriously guys, it's food. please don't make it a stupid warzone. food is suppose to bring us together, not divide us. if you don't like, or choose not to eat a certain food, DON'T. But don't go around being rude to the people who do.

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