Make Huevos Rancheros like THIS

This traditional Mexican Huevos Rancheros recipe is the perfect breakfast recipe loaded up with crispy tortillas, perfectly fried …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Made this last night and it was excellent, thank you! Prepped all the components the day before, so everything came together quickly and easily. Will up the spice level going forward, but that's just a matter of taste. The beans are phenomenal.

  2. Rico, Rico 😋 Love you're applying your previous videos knowledge 👏 👏. My recommendation for people who fry their own tortillas "use tortillas from the day before, they absorb less oil" … that works for me.

  3. Liking your Mexican mini series:
    Your tortillas, perfect !
    Refried beans, almost perfect, except for the cheese. You can add cheese, egg, chorizo, etc once they are refried, so OK.
    Your picadillo, different but OK. Very few people make it like that, you could have gotten more audience with the traditional one, but maybe that is not your goal.
    Huevos rancheros, meh. They are not done in tostadas, but in tortillas. Beans go on the side. The salsa looks good, and the egg is OK, we just fry it sunny side up.
    And it is not pico de gallo salsa, it is Mexican salsa (ask Rick Bayless).

  4. Excellent recipe. Having a Mexican sister-in-law and being a fan of Diane Kennedy, the renowned expert on Mexican cooking, your Huevos Rancheros is great. Huevos Rancheros is like chili or mole: every family has a different version, but the one consistent thing is corn tortillas. The beans, sauce, and garnishes are to taste. My sister-in-law (from Guadalajara) serves hers with Mexican rice, sliced radish and lots of chopped cilantro. Meanwhile, her sister makes it with no rice, but lots of avocado and cotija cheese.

    Thanks for the recipes and the hard work.

  5. Unfortunately there is barely anything here that I feel is correct. You can’t be a guy who doesn’t like spice showing how to make Huevos rancheros no matter how awesome most of your things look. This is a big miss in my opinion

  6. you must have the best air vent thingy (like my tech term there?) EVER. I can open up windows, doors, air vent on high and my fire alarm is like "Oh NO honey, this is not going to happen" So frustrating

  7. Love your videos, very well explained. I usually cook moya beans instead of pinto, they take less cooking time. I have never fried my beans with so many ingredients though, will definitely try your recipe next time I make them. I usually just fry them in oil, mash them, add some of the cooking water and that’s it.

  8. Oh you made tostadas for breakfast.midas. chef you could have suggested toasting extra corn Tortillas, with your beans dicing tomatoes and Cabbage shredded cheese to make Tostadas for lunch.

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