Make This GRILLED + Vegan Caesar Salad

shorts ↓ TRY MY UP-TO-DATE VEGAN RECIPES↓ Grilled Caesar Salad: …


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  1. I'm against cooked lettuce in general but fun story: my husband is Indian and they don't have iceberg lettuce there. (At least according to him.) So, multiple times I've had an iceberg lettuce head in the fridge and he uses it thinking it's a cabbage. His mom is visiting and did the same thing! Idk how they can't tell the difference, they're completely different colors, textures, smells, etc to me… But I laughed so damn hard when his mom said "the cabbages in America don't stink like in India, I like it" 😂😂😂😂 I'm not hating though I mean there's no wrong way to eat things unless it's harmful, which obviously this isn't. Just so cute and fun.

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