Make Your Own Vegan Worcestershire Sauce At Home

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Recipe: Buy My Kitchen …


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  1. The trademark thing that distinguishes a sauce as Worcestshire sauce is it having tamarind root. Stop & Shop often has boxes of 5 or 6 tamarind roots for maybe 5 or 6 dollars, so if you omitted that because you can't find it, go to Stop & Shop produce, the section with the herbs and root vegetables.

    In addition, Worcestshire is one of the only sauces whose trademark is NOT having onion powder and would also never have brown sugar and peppercorns.

  2. This probably tastes better, but lots of cheap brands don't bother with anchovies anyway, and I think it's fairly accessible in most large grocery stores. Good option for people with limited businesses around them though. I'd be more interested in a vegan ponzu sauce; I miss it often lol.

  3. Or just buy Henderson's Relish instead -vegan, and no pronunciations are mangled. I made cheese on toast using the vegan Ilminster cheese slices and added a few drops of the Henderson's – tastes banging.

  4. Worcestershire Sauce comes from the UK. We love listening to Americans, and Canadians trying to say it. Ill tell you how we say it, phonetically like this Woo Ster Sauce. Just those two syllables, Woo Ster sauce.

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