Making A 3-Course Meal With 5 Ingredients

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! I did wonder why no steamed or poached carrots on the side of the main dish for color and extra nutrition. I NEVER would have thought of the amazing things she came up with though. Wow! Well done!

  2. a series with this would be amazing. especially since so many are on a budget or are limited due to covid and its financial strain. Tasty please turn this into a series you can also use different cooks it doesn't need to be one cook alone.

  3. i woulda made some sorta dessert hummus .I'd toast some flour and add it in if i want a nutty flavour. ive seen somebody make caramel sauce with olive oil though that needed a bit of heavy cream, maybe i could try see if it comes out that way. could add a nice taste. or a lemony one

  4. Gets given flour salt and some veggie (and unlimited oil to fry)
    Every desi / Arab – pakora. Bhajiya. 🙄 a parsley onion less falafel like fry! (Use the carrot tops for spice!)

  5. This should definitely be a series but like please give Alexis pepper and like paprika or red chilly powder lmfao i don’t believe any kitchen in the world wouldn’t have these items PLZ

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