MAKING A DAIRY QUEEN BLIZZARD VEGAN | DQ Cheesecake Blizzard | Reeses Blizzard | The Edgy Veg

Today I am going to show you how to make two easy vegan dairy queen blizzards perfect for a hot beach day or your summer …


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  1. I watch this video at least once a month because there’s nothing I miss more. I just made a “butterfinger” blizzard today

  2. Butterfinger with pecans!!!
    My Mom, Daughter, and myself would bring my Grandma aka Big Mama, all of our favorite Blizzard…all of us always for the same kind. Good memories…

  3. After swimming as a kid my mom would take me and friends to get a frosty from Wendys! You should veganize that. Also the chocolate brownie blizzard was my favorite!

  4. OMG!!! I am sooo blown away how easy this is. I have dairy free ice cream in the freezer and Oreo cookie thins in the cupboard and I’m going to use these ingredients as the Oreo cookie blizzard was my fav when blizzards first came out. I’m probably dating myself LOL! I have missed DQ for over 20 years due to a dairy allergy. Became vegan in recent years. You have absolutely made my day. 😁👍🍦

  5. I cant wait for DQ to jump on the trend of making options for everyone, or at least just lactose free milk or something. This month I went vegetarian and im so happy and excited, I'm lactose intolerant, but I love DQ and I'll def probably try to make this, 100% the reeses one, thats my ULTIMATE FAVE.

  6. I wanna make smore’s version! Honey Graham’s, chocolate chunks and maybe marshmallow fluff if there’s an accidental vegan version??

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