Alright kids, sit back because today’s video is another HACK It Vegan but with Pulled Pork Banana Peel Sanwich! This terrible …


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  1. This video is soo funny!!!!! She has me crying!!!! LOL!! I do not eat banana because it taste awful to me. So I understand her fear……

  2. Hi Candice, yea sure, I'm going to try this but maybe since you had issues with the texture, I'll use slightly riper banana? IDK… So also, I will leave it in a marinade stage longer. Will see what happens!!!

  3. You are doing the recipe incorrectly. You need ripe bananas (not over-ripe), and not green. Your spices are all wrong, If you don't follow the recipe and use proper cooking techniques, it's not the recipes fault. I make this all the time and it is delicious.

  4. We use banana heart for this in the Philippines so it isn't too weird because the heart becomes the banana later on. Banana heart made into burgers are so yummyyy

  5. On your about page on your youtube channel it says your with the vegatarion movement, I talk about vegan youtubers on my channel and I feel I might need to expose you

  6. Listen, I’m from St. Louis and this is where pigs come to die because we fucking love our pork.(I am not a vegan, like hilariously not a vegan)
    I’m also allergic to bananas, so with those implicit biases out of the way,

    Beautiful animals did not die so people could try shredding bananas and say “mmm this tastes just like my dead friend.”

    Great video tho, I’m definitely subscribing cause while I’m not a vegan/vegetarian, I could definitely use a few veg dinners a week.

  7. THIS is important ! I can’t think of anyone who does these types of videos so I’m telling u. I just watched a guy who made “chicken” out of grapefruit pith?!? I need you to try it & tell me he’s a dirty liar ! Lol I don’t believe it’s good. It’s can’t be right? I mean I would expect YOU to season it more than he did but still! 😩😳🤔 just search “making chicken from grapefruit peels” it’s a bald guy. My friend tagged me on fb. Thank you in advance 💜🙏🏾💪🏾

  8. Bananas and plantains are staples in Latin America. Jackfruit is a SE Asian thing. It's pretty hard to find here and not really cost effective/ sustainable. Honestly I think it's quite privileged to judge something that can change the game between a lot more people going vegan in a whole new region of the world, even if they take a bit more time than the usual.

  9. Just a suggestion from a meat eater…..cut against the grain. The peel has fibers running the length of the banana, it should have been julienned opposite from how the peel was turned into strips. It would also help keep it from getting stuck in you teeth possibly. It’s an interesting concept, and if it works for people then that’s great.

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