Making COOKIE DOUGH from CHICKPEAS | S’mores & Chocolate Chip VEGAN Cookie Dough Recipes

Today we tried to see if I could make Cookie Dough from chickpeas! I saw on instagram someone used a simple Chickpea recipe …


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  1. I used Chickpea Flour or Fava Bean Flour and it turned out nice, some people are using protein protein as well – with similar ingredients to you.

  2. That’s great that you tried that out! I was thinking of trying the chickpea recipe for cookie dough wasn’t sure how that would taste? Thanks for also saying to add a lot of almond flour to it!

  3. I don't even like chickpeas in savory dishes, they just taste like grass to me. I've made bean cookies and bean cookie dough dip using this kind of recipe and I always use white beans like you tried for the second version, and it works out SO much better. I'm going to have to try that S'mores style though, that looked legit!

  4. Honestly, you don't make this thinking it will taste like cookie dough. You make this when you are on a diet and want to be healthy AND vegan and kind of enjoy dessert. In my experience cutting out the amount of nut butter and increasing the ground flaxseed will make it less nutty flavored and neutralize that chickpea taste. I used brown sugar because a liquid sweetener will kill the consistency and liquid sweeteners have a distinct taste. I havent tried this part yet but I imagine adding some almond flour to the mix will further dull the chickpea taste.

  5. I happened to be making chickpea chocolate chip cookies the other day (for the first time) and the dough was to die for! Like crazy good and actually a lot better than the cookies themselves… I'm surprised the white beans worked better for you (though I have started putting white beans in strawberry smoothies and it's delicious). Maybe it's the brand of chick peas or you have to be extra sure to rinse them super well? I had no hummus taste at all. Enjoyed this video a lot!

  6. I’m middle eastern and grew up loving Hummus…. but this has taken it too far. I would def make the s’mores one but the chickpea…. hell no just… hell no. Thanks for giving us an alternative to the sweet hummus monstrosity

  7. Just for info, be careful with white beans, your body doesnt react the same as with chickpeas. I've encountered really bad digestion problems( diarea and vomiting) i know, sexy. Maybe it s just me but be careful. Beans are a weird food.

  8. Chocolate covered Katie blog made the chickpea cookie dough a thing. She has some creative, healthy desserts. But in this recipe I sub cannelli beans , as well, for a less bean taste. U can also use 1/2 beans 1/2 steamed cauliflour as the base. I use 1/2sucanat 1/2 dark brown sugar instead of maple syrup so as to put less moisture in the batter. I use oat flour to thicken it up. Anyone have a nut free, seed free version?

  9. Do butterscotch chips instead of chocolate. Then brown sugar instead of maple. Add a little sprinkle of cinnamon and you’ve got my favorite vegan butterscotch blondie recipe. Put it in a 8×8 pan and bake it until just past gooey. It will blow your mind.

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