Making Deviled Eggs Four Ways » Classic | Southern | Bacon | Avocado

Deviled eggs are an American staple at any backyard party. They became popularized during and after WWII as appetizers at …


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  1. I do a version with minced pickled shallots instead of relish, a little horseradish in the mayo, and topped with a sliver of jalapeno and crumbled bacon.

    Love deviled eggs! These look fantastic as well

  2. Variations on a theme – classic, skip the vinegar, use less mayo and mustard and go HEAVY on the hot sauce!!! no need for salt and pepper at that point! That is the house favorite here for years, it puts the DEVIL in devilled eggs. Next up is this Asian variant, substitute the hot sauce for just a spoonful of Chinese Chili Crisp. We use Lao Gan Ma, keep in mind a little goes a long way so taste test as you add. Enjoy!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen deviled eggs in the grocery store, and I probably wouldn't trust them to be good if I had! I make awesome deviled eggs myself, so I'm not trusting any mass production process!

  4. I have a recipe that mimics the traditional recipe of deviled eggs that I call Diablo Eggs. Instead of relish, you use diced jalepenos. Replace half of your mayo with creamy horseradish. Then finally garnish with chili powder instead of paprika. What you end up with is a spicy (from horseradish) and heat (from the peppers) that contrasts well with the cold egg and mayo. Its really quite tasty, but not for those who don't handle a little heat well.

  5. I use finely minced celery in mine..If I make the bacon deviled eggs some finely chopped tomato is great as a topper. I have used green olives as a topper as well. I will definitely try the guacamole style eggs!

  6. I do a similar deviled egg as your bacon, chive version. Instead of Tabasco, I put a spoon of creamed horseradish. I like the old fashioned mustard with mustard seeds. I also put smoked paprika on the bottom and top and put tiny pimento pieces, chives and bacon bits on top. I do another version with 3 slices of green olives with pimento on top when I don't have bacon. They are amazing as I'm sure yours are too. TFS

  7. For variety #2 I skip the minced dill and just use dill pickle relish. It's a little bit more "deviled" in my opinion.
    I could totally go for the bacon and chive ones—have never tried that.

  8. Name another hard boiled recipe that’s BETTER than deviled eggs ? “Goldenrod” OMG. It’s a hand-me-down multi-generation recipe for special family days like Easter or Christmas morning. Restaurant buffets would be wise to use this in place of eggs Benedict under heat lamps

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