Making Homemade White Bread at Home » But Better

Make a simple delicious loaf of white bread right from your own kitchen that comes together in under two hours. There is nothing like homemade bread.


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Hi Chef Billy. I’m a new subscriber. I have tried your cinnamon rolls and everyone loved it! Now trying this white bread recipe… but I might have killed the yeast with the water I used (i guess it’s too hot) because I did not observe the same rise in the dough as in the cinnamon recipe… oh well. I hope it will still turn out ok. (They are currently in the oven…)
    Anyway, thanks for sharing these awesome recipes. All the best!

  2. Can you sub the flour for gluten free flour? if yes, which one would give the same texture ? Bob's GF all purpose flour or Bob's 1:1 baking flour? Thank you 😊

  3. Thank you. I used to make sourdough until my wonderful partner could not stand the smell of the starter. This is easier. I prefer your Country Loaf – the long time from 9 am to 4 pm.

  4. New to baking bread, and after a couple “failed” attempts at making overnight poolish bread (SO sticky!!!!) I figured I’d try an easier bread. Everything went well with this recipe, and my loaf turned out beautiful. The end product has somewhat of a yeasty flavour to it. Is this normal?! I don’t usually buy or eat plain white bread, so I’m not exactly sure if this yeasty flavour is supposed to be there in the final product.

  5. Hi, Chef Billy! I’m making this right now, and I was a little concerned that I didn’t have the exact ingredients. I only have half and half, and the regular white all purpose flour (because apparently, this pandemic made flour an in demand commodity) so I only have what’s available in my local costco). However, as I was patiently letting my mixer knead the dough as followed in your directions, it came out perfectly. I just had to add another half cup of flour for the consistency that I saw with your dough in the video. I also kneaded it for 3 minutes, which I enjoyed because it really is a beautiful dough, regardless! Now, it’s proofing in the oven… the hardest part in doing this recipe is the waiting! But seriously, I’m confident this will come out perfectly. Real thumbs up recipe! Will update you on how my bread turns out! Thank you for this recipe and all the others! I’ve done your Brioche bread recipe and it’s perfect as well! 👍🏻🙌👩🏻‍🍳 Thank you!

  6. Hi Chef Parisi…the video shows two loaves but your written instructions left out, 'cut the dough in half' thank goodness I have watched your video several times. Waiting for the second rise in the pans. Getting excited to bake this bread. Your sourdough video was the best. Tomorrow's dinner…your chopped steak recipe! Thanks for your great videos. 🙂

  7. Forgot to tell you, loved the way you shape the bread before putting in oven, and the water temp for the yeast was also helpful. I have made bread in the past and often would have trouble with the rising. I think I didn't have my water temp high enough. Thanks again!

  8. Due to the covid19, we couldn't find bread in any supermarket. Then…I found this and I just made it tonight, it became an instant hit with my fam. We now have bread for the coming days. This doesn't even need eggs, but it just needs a few tablespoons of butter and sugar. Ahh! I'm so happy I saw this. Never going back to store bought white breads again when it's this easy to make, plus knowing what goes in your food is great too.

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