Making Pepper Steak That’s BETTER than Takeout

This quick-cooking pepper steak recipe is loaded with bell peppers in an umami sauce for a better than take-out meal. You will …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I made this today…..And it was definitely better than my favourite restaurant food….Have leftovers for tomorrow and put chilli in it for tomorrow so to be abit different….Thankyou chef…😊

  2. Hope I don't come across as "that guy" but heat the wok to hot then add oil. Also wash the meat before you velvet it. Serious, rinse the meat under cold running water, squeeze dry and proceed.

  3. We call that noodle pancit canton in the Philippines. Yes we put some shreded chicken with chicken liver or pork sirloins. Want to taste Asian? Put some sesame oil you will never go wrong.

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