Making PERFECT St. Louis Style BBQ Pork Steaks

This delicious grilled St. Louis Pork Steak recipe is reverse seared and then basted with homemade BBQ sauce and charred to …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. As an Englishman good to hear you say Worcester Sauce rather than butchering Worcestershire – It's what we call it even if the longer name is on the bottle.

  2. Love it! Moved from STL to Austin after a dozen years there in 2015…have introduced all our friends to gooey butter cake, toasted ravs, and pork steaks. Video was great all but the Mizzou action…still a Jayhawk😀.

  3. So glad to see Stl represented. Parts of the country never heard of pork steaks. I would cheat in the winter and pan fry the steals nice and dark and simmer for half hour-45 min with Mauls sewer and Smokey. You could cut them with a fork and didn't have to go out in the weather.

  4. Love how you are adding in fun memories on your videos. Haven’t seen these pork steaks in the grocery store in a long time. Going to look for them next time I go. This looks so yummy. Thank you!

  5. That’s one way to do it. Growing up in South St.Louis I watched many fights start over how to cook pork steaks. The cut is 5/8” that’s it. Salt and pepper that’s it. Anything other than Maull’s is sacrilegious. That sauce you just Did would get you chased down Gravois Rd. Mom cooked them in the oven. Dads and uncles grilled them. The ultimate legal twist is to throw them in a deep pan after grilling them half way. Cover them with MAULL,S bbq sauce and three cans of Budweiser. Let them cook about four hours until the fat is melted and the liquid reduced. Now you have something. They make a killer cold sandwich the next day. .

  6. I love how the emphasis on reminding your viewers how important the fundamental techniques are. They really do open the doors to the art of cooking. Appreciate your efforts on these. Best!

  7. St Louis resident here. My wife went to Mizzou and my daughter just completed her first year. Can you recommend any restaurants in Columbia you like to hit when you go back?

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