Making Popular MCDONALDS Items VEGAN | Vegan VS Fast Food

In the first ever Vegan vs Fast Food, I wanted to tackle some of McDonalds most popular menu items and try turning them vegan.


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  1. I've been using cane sugar because I read that there is bone char in white sugar. Maybe it's the brand? Thank you for this video, I do crave the McDonalds buns and special sauce. I used to order the Big Mac with no meat (when I was vegetarian) and I would put the fries inside. Wish I had known their fries were cooked in beef fat!

  2. I made this with Impossible meat because my boyfriend was craving a McDonald's style burger and it was yummy! Obvi doesn't taste exactly like a McDonald's burger (and I don't want it too….those things scare me lol), but the thin patties and sauce totally give that childhood nostalgia. 🙂

  3. I like to drop mine on the floor and smash it to give it that extra bit if authenticity. It really kind of blows my mind how well she manages to appreciate details people love. Intuitive creators never really run out of an ability to refine their work. I think people who are ex carnivores have an edge in trying to innovate, they know why they used eat the stuff they did. Sometimes it’s really weird or fine details that even seem bad that are actually what we like. What we really like is the comfort of familiarity. If you were in japan for instance, you might start craving American instant ramen, which they say tastes awful. Anyway, it’s innovation like this that keeps food interesting.

  4. Right away when I saw the title I hoped you were making a big mac and I thought about this restaurant called Very Good Butchers that makes a vegan big mac, and it is sooo good. This recipe looks so easy I feel like I can make this at home with as much effort I put into calling, ordering, and picking up the food!

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