Making vegan CHICKEN from GRAPEFRUIT PEELS | How To Make Vegan Chicken | The Edgy Veg

Today I tried to see if I could make vegan fried chicken from grapefruit peels! I came across a video from Sauce Stache & other …


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  1. You know what I'm thinking is to try recipes like this and not so much compare to the meat, but that's because don't have craving for meat since I stopped eating it.. I do love your creations of the meat dishes though, totally the edge.. this dish looks delicious and I'd love to try it sometime in the future 💐💕 thank you Candice

  2. Hey, Candice. I made your soy curls popcorn chicken last night, AND used the same flour blend for oyster mushrooms today. Soooo good. I think I'm gonna make grapefruit peels these with that method. Have you tried that yet?

  3. What did I learn from this video ?
    1. How to properly bread and fry grapefruit peels.
    2. And that a properly fried grapefruit peel doe not taste like chicken

  4. Yaaasss!!! Love this idea…especially bc I've been to Cuba and I'm obsessed with anything that originated there. They are so resourceful! Even in 2015 when i went they had scarce resources but still made delicious food non the less! I'm going to try to this 🙌

  5. About the nutritional value: Grapefruit pith is high in fiber, vitamin C, flavonoids hesperidin, diosmin, naringenin, quercetin and kaempferol; this is what gives it the bitter taste. There's copper and potassium there, too, and in pink/red grapefruits there's lycopene.
    Preparing method and spices/flavorings add their own values – or remove some of it.

  6. Omg, just when I thought I've seen everything! This doesn't quite beat the cabbage Thanksgiving "turkey", but it's pretty "imaginative", lol 😆

  7. I don’t know if anyone ever mentioned this, but there is a grapefruit spoon that is serrated edge to help remove the innards.
    So if you enjoy grapefruit often, it may be a good investment

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