Making Vegan Recipes Using CEREAL?! (This might be the best food hack ever)

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  1. For the cookies, you can make one of those giant cookies with a celebration saying, use fruity cereal and white chocolate, or make an ice cream sandwich, endless possibilities!

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  4. 💬 i totally loved that little dancing video u recently uploaded on IG!

    u looked so young on there too!

    like a 16 y/o girl even!

    with ur hair all cute and everything!

    all i can think of now, is luring u into my bedroom with a trail of tasty sweets… 🍬

    and getting under the sheets with 16 y/o candice! 🍭


  5. Haha, love your choice of aggressions that you took out on the rice crispies 😀 Also, your hair looks particularly good in this video, the color is super nice!

  6. hey! Nice channel. I found you while looking for a vegan bacon recipe. I would like to give you a feedback about the image quality of your videos: I don't know if it's a choice of yours, but it looks like the shutter speed of your camera is a little high, and this results in movements in your image being a little choppy. Just in case you don't know, to have a smooth, natural motion blur you should set up your shutter speed to be twice the framerate. so, if you're shooting 24 fps, do 48 shutter speed. 30 fps = 60 shutter speed (it's called "the shutter rule" in photography). If you're setting high shutter speed on purpose, then don't mind what I said! Anyway, continue making great videos and have a nice day!

  7. The top looks nice. Great recipes. I learned some new stuff for cooking. Thank you. I wish Dandies had a soy free version of their marshmallows😭

  8. The title is giving me midwestern (cult) vibes and memories of my mother’s cereal loaf (made with soggy corn flakes as opposed to meatloaf). I’m hoping I don’t see soggy cereal loaf in here lol

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