Making VIRAL TIKTOK Recipes VEGAN (I've never had garlic bread like this…)

Welcome back to my channel! Since Food Tok is always popping off we’re going to be testing more recipes but turning them …


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  1. For the mug cake that was too much milk that's why it came out wetter. It would've been more brownie like if done properly. I make it all the time and its soo good. You should try it again just use less milk and only 4-5 cookies, microwave for 1 minute no need for baking powder.

  2. Yummy 😋 recipes Candice and another awesome video. Last time I had garlic bread was probably a store bought one last year so it would be good to have a homemade version. The rest of the recipes I will have to try. Love 🥰the video and love 💕❤Candice & Molly.

  3. My son & I have made the Oreo microwave cake quite a few times. It has turned out great & cake-like every time! But yes, if too much milk is added, it’s warm Oreo mush.

    That garlic bread looks AMAZING! Definitely trying that!

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