Making WATERMELON into vegan TUNA SUSHI| Vegan Sushi | The Edgy Veg

Hey guys! Today I am going to try to turn a watermelon into vegan tuna! Yup, watermelon tuna, you heard that correctly. I am going …


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  1. I think the Key here is to use REAL TUNA as was intended by Japanese cuisine, I can appreciate what you are trying to do but the Watermelon is to WET, besides I do NOT get the whole Vegan thing as no matter what you eat , YOU GROW OLD AND DIE Anyways ! I have seen Vegans die, Vegetarians Die & Meat eaters die and everyone in between, In General GOD put all this stuff here for MANS USE, while I am NOT a RELIGIOUS NUT I will say NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE does it say to go VEGAN or VEGETARIAN.It to Radical, there has to be a happy medium while I love my Veggies & Fruit, I love Meat as well. I grant people the RIGHT to do what they want, as LONG as they let me do what I WANT which is my RIGHT! Also Sushi is the RICE, not the filling or the FISH! Did you add the Sushi Rice Sauce to the Rice to make it sushi rice before you began ? Keep trying, the more you do it the Better you will get !

  2. Hmmmm, I will try this one but I think to get the watermelon peeled, I'd just slice the whole melon into the steakettes and then cut away the rind…

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