Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Hi Manjula. Thank you for the recipe. I have a question how long should I wait before the masala is absorbed all the mango salt water? What if the mango salt water is not all absorbed by the masala? Should I still go ahead with next steps of mango preparation. Thanks

  2. dear madam I just want to know what is kalonji this is my first time to hear and to see..we usually use mathi n mustard seed n little garlic n other spices with oil which is been heated and cooled..thanks for your polite explanation. masalama.

  3. Please share the mango pickle recipes for at least 20 mangoes for each recipe so that we can make it because we get mangoes in India only in summer unlike USA. If it is not possible, kindly give the measurements for 20 or 25 mangoes, when you are sharing a particular mango pickle recipe, which will help us. Thank you.

  4. My dear lady, I've been meaning to message for quite some time, thanks to you I've learned a lot about Indian cuisine, like making my own roti and naan bread (just to say ones that I do often). Thank you so much <3

  5. Madam,

    i want to set up a new unit of varieties of pickles.Please let where i get a training.Last 3 years i am preparing & selling mango,lime & chilli pickles from my home.My pickles are testy bt last for 4 monts.Get fungus.I used sodium benzoate.

  6. thanks for the recipe. I tried it but my pickle get fungus, however it was covered with oil in a glass jar? 
    Kindly let me know, how can one maintain pickle fungus free?

  7. Unfortunately I can't get mango for cooking where I live. I guess the one at the supermarket (we have green ones) won't do at all? I usually have local immigrant co-workers bring me home-made achar from Pakistan whenever they visit their families – delicious stuff!

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