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  1. Are Masala fries popular in India only or maybe in neighboring countries, or are they are also popular abroad, in the Arab world for example, or the Asian world, too? I have never seen them in Asia (Japan, Singapore, Philippines) nor in Europe or the US, so that is why I ask. Are they called both Masala Fries and Masala French Fries or is there some one "right" name for them? For example, in the US, French fries can be shortened to fries but typically that is the full name. However, in Great Britain, they're of course known as Chips, as you likely know. What about Masala French fries?

    Nice job on your meal, it looks delicious! 🙂

  2. Tossing cornstarch was a great idea to make them super crispy and tasty. I added a spoon of garlic powder to the mixture since I love the garlicky flavour in fries 😉

  3. I made masala chips today I also added garlic powder & chat masala
    I am not too keen on mint so I omitted
    The masala chips turned out really delouses . Thanks Manjulaben for the recipe.

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