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  1. I googled mattar paneer as I had a pretty good idea how to make it, but wasn't sure. I used onions, garlic & ginger instead of hing, and garam masala instead of separate spices, with cumin, haldi, laal mirch, and it turned out beautifully. And OMFG, the secret is the pinch of sugar! Thank you Manjula 😁

  2. how to make gravy for Punjabi sabzi without tomato, onion, and garlic? Yes, we are jain so can't use onion garlic or any root vegetables and can't use tomato as one of my family members is allergic to tomato

  3. I follow your recipe because its very simple to remember and cook and i dont have to watch you tube every time i cook thanks for uploading and teaching us the cooking hack….love your cooking….pls keep uploading. Cheers!

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