Mawa Kachori (Puffed Pastry) Recipe by Manjula, Indian Cuisine

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  1. I used to watch your videos when i was in UK studying 2009. I don't remember i saw this video but as I am from Rajasthan, we make these exactly like this in desi ghee. later in 2013 when i hot married, i randomly made them on diwali when my mother in law visited us. She loved them absolutely !!! Today in 2019, happened to see this video by chance and saw that you said the same thing. Thank you Aunty for teaching me how to cook when i was alone in a new country away from home. Love you.

  2. Thanks aunty for the recipe. Got two questions:

    a> which oil are you using for frying these?
    b> If made in advance how long can you store them and how?

  3. I'm not Indian but I'm interested to learn to cook some indian dishes…
    I tried 2 dishes and my family liked it so…. I've intention to continue..
    Thanks Mrs Manjula.. You're the best teacher on Youtube

  4. Looks Amazing…I'm going to make these for the holidays…I was wondering. How well do they keep if you put them in an air tight container? I would like to send them to family if they keep well.

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