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  1. Nice recipe Manjula. Can you do rasam recipe sometime in the future? And also tomato chutney that also pairs with other south indian dishes like medu vada, utrapam, idli and dosa just like coconut chutney and sambar.. I do personally prefer south indian dish over North Indian dish for some reasons…

  2. If it's a Manjula recipe, you know it's good! Manjula taught me to cook delicious Indian fare through her clear, detailed and skilled techniques on her youtube channel! And now a Vada recipe too – who could ask for more <3

  3. Our grandma used to throw the batter on the palm. Automatically round shape will come. Then make a hole. Coriander we don't use. Any way thank u Manjula. I am 66 yrs.

  4. Namasté 😀 
    I'm Italian and I'm a vegetarian, I just found this channel of Indian recipes vegetarian and I am very happy! 🙂  Some ingredients are not available here, such as urad dal (mungo beans) and you need to make the replacements, but I think the bottom of the recipe comes out fine anyway!

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