Methi Thepla – Fenugreek Paratha, Indian Flatbread by Manjula

View full recipe at Ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat flour (atta) 1/4 cup …


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  1. Namaste, Manjula Ben. I just LOVE your recipes. Your Instructional Videos are absolutely brilliant and you have a very unique way about you in explaining everything with such clarity. You are the Champion of the kitchen and I very much look forward to putting your recipes into practice. I am a complete novice when it comes to cooking, but the very concise way in which you have presented your video gives me confidence. Thank you kindly for sharing your wonderful recipes. "Aap ko bohat bohat shukriya." God bless you !!!

  2. I made these last night along with your karela.recipe! My husband.said.'these are for breakfast! But they are good!' he enjoyed then! Thank you so much! My husband is punjabi and i am gorie from americ and im learning everuthing new. Your videos help me so much with learnig the ingrediants and recipes! Thank you so much aunti ji!

  3. Hi manjula aunty..i made the thepalas today and it turned out soo well…my husband really liked it,im so grateful for your videos..a salute to you auntyji!!!

  4. FANTASTIC recipe just made it for breakfast and hubby loved it. Thankfully i had fresh Methi leaves and the dough turned out just the same. I have got a good reputation now because of you Manjulaji. Im so so soooo grateful. Thank you so much.

  5. @CraftyKoo : Hey!! You can get it in any Indian store.. I use the ones named, Everest Kasoori/Kasturi Methi.. You can find it by a different make..Hope this helps.. 🙂

  6. @cat2009cat those leaves are called fenugreek leaves. These are available fresh in Indian grocery stores or if there are no fresh ones, then u can try looking for them which come in packets and are dry. To use the dry ones, u must soak in water for about 5-10 mins. The Indian name is "methi leaves" if that helps.

  7. pardon me aunty for commenting on certain ingredients used as you are more senior and experienced cook than myself. However, being a Gujarati, this is a pancake that I always make. Instead of jeera, ajwain seeds are normally used, though optional. Yoghurt is also added and instead of chilli flakes, green chilli-ginger paste is used. Instead of chilli flakes, red chilli pdr can be used. Have never seen anyone using besan. I will try in the next time I make theplas to see how it tastes.

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