Microwave-Prep Breakfast Sandwiches

Full Recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/microwave-prep-breakfast-sandwiches These microwave-prep breakfast sandwiches are super dorm-friendly! Check us out on …


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  1. Word to the wise: take wattage into account. My experience: 1) the eggs overflowed twice using that amount of eggs and the size mug the video used and I had to finish cooking them in a skillet, and 2) when microwaving for 2 minutes the top of the muffin was very hard, the cheese was burned, and it was stuck to the paper towel.

  2. I just made this recipe and it wasn’t as straightforward for me as in the video. Couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. I microwaved the eggs for 2 minutes as instructed but they actually needed 5-6 minutes to be fully cooked in my microwave. My micro is on high power so not sure what the difference was.

    2. The eggs started rising very high out of the mug (like a Rollie Eggmaster, as seen on TV) and I had to stop and start the microwave a couple of times to keep them from escaping. This might be the result of the eggs taking twice as much time to cook.

    3. The bacon was crispy as promised. But cooking for 7 minutes actually CRACKED my microwave safe ceramic plate in half and bacon grease was all over! My husband has said that he has also microwaved bacon before using a different microwave and that also cracked a plate (something with bacon grease and certain plates?). I then tried using a Pyrex pie plate and it was able to cook more of the bacon without shattering.

    3. The microwave method of cooking bacon was incredibly messy and you can expect to spend a few more minutes cleaning bacon grease splatter off your microwave. This concern doesn’t apply if you’re the Jackson Pollock of micros and/or one of those people who generously leaves their mess for others in your house to clean.

    Overall, the sandwiches were pretty good and convenient for future breakfasts. But making them initially took longer than expected and had a couple of unforeseen hurdles.

  3. This is bogus as hell.
    Eggs did not cook in 2 min, spilled all over the patties. I cut my finger trying to separate frozen patties
    And my god damn paper towels were falling apart.
    They make it look easy
    It was not easy. .
    Im tired
    I'm a moron

  4. Why do the ham slices and sausage patties need to go in the microwave at the start? Since both products are already cooked (ham always, sausage patties clearly in this case), why cook ‘em here?

  5. God want a “better” meal go watch another video, I make these and it’s great, getting up at 5am then school then work, I barley have time to breath let alone make breakfast every morning

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