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  1. Super easy and delicious recipe. The only changes I made were to add an additional cup of water and extend the cooking time to 10 minutes. We cook a lot of Punjabi style dishes, so it's nice to have dishes with no onion, garlic, and tomatos like this wonderful dal dish. It's a keeper! Thank you for sharing it and for all the wonderful recipes you provide. We're big fans!

  2. Hello Majula ji. I absolutely love all your recipes and thought you must know that. I depend on your videos to save my
    day!! Today I made your spicy okra, mixed dal AND khadai paneer for dinner and served with home made rotis. I thought of you and also talked about you at dinner Thank you so much.

  3. WOW!!! I just made this dal yesterday and it was insanely delicious. My boyfriend (he is Indian) was quite impressed and he has 20+ years experience of home-cooked indian food. Thank you for the descriptive and easy to follow directions. 

  4. delicious. made it with regular lentils.
    wow. so good when you first make it. felt like running over to the neighbors with steaming cups of it.
    i have to say. it's better than my native italian-american way of making lentils. my mother would have loved this.

  5. I would like to know what kind of a pressure cooker you have, where you got it, and what you think of it. I would like to buy one like what you have if you are happy with yours. It is seems hard to find a good and reasonably-priced pressure cooker where I live.

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