Modak – Sweet Rice Dumpling – Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Manjula Ji, I usually like your style of North Indian cooking and have tried you dishes too. Modak is something that requires lot of practice to get those petals right with the right consistency of dough. Women folks in our family hold great pride in making perfect UKADICHEY MODAK. A humble request to you to please stick to only preparations that you hold expertise in. Your MODAK making skills have a lot to desire for.

  2. I have with me photos of Modak prepared by my nephew's wife. The shape is far better than yours. I would like to send these photos to you to know what should be the real shape of Modak.
    Sorry for my blunt but true comment

  3. I followed this recipe with the exact measurement but my dough didn't turn out like your's. It began to crack while I was moulding it and was a mess trying to close the filling. I don't know why this happened. Some tell me that you need to use a much more finer rice powder that is specially available for modak. I don't know but I was very disappointed. The filling was very delicious though. I ended up eating the filling by itself.

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