Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

You will absolutely love simply prepared chocolate lava cake with a molten center that makes for the perfect dessert. Your guests …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. American measurements are so fucked up 😵. Stick tablespoon cup ounce and many more. They are so confusing that even you have mixed up something. Should I use 10 oz of butter or 10 tbs. Other than that your double lava cake look great and I'll give it a shot with 10 tbs butter. Wish me luck and convert to grams USA 😂 clearly and precision

  2. Excellent video, excellent recipe!! I made this for my son's birthday. He and his boys LOVED it, and I was impressed with how really easy it was by following your video. Your directions were spot on, and I'm about to make them again for my father's birthday. Thank you, this is a big hit and I now have another classic that's starting to get a lot of requests from my family! You make me look amazing.

  3. Thanks for the recipe and all the tricks that should be helpful. While converting everything to grams I realized that 1 stick + 2 tbsp of butter can't be 10 oz because 1 stick is 4 oz (113g) + 2 tbsp (1/4 of a stick = cca 30g)
    All in all, I understand that I don't need more than 150g (10 oz is 280g).
    I hope that I got it right!

  4. Hello,
    I'm following your posts with interest. I saw another recipe with this product and the product was not put in the fridge. Is it better to put the product in the fridge or not?

  5. Chef it would be much appreciated if you could write down the ingridients in grams/ml, because we in europe get lost with ounces and spoons 🙂 you used to also write C degrees, but i don't mind converting fahrennheit into C degrees

  6. I made the beignet recipe yesterday. Turned out great. I really would like a chocolate pudding:custard tecipe that is creamy, smooth & rich. I may want to fill it in the beignets or eat on its own. Not too sweet though. Thsnks.

  7. I made over 10,000 of these in a 2 year period where I worked. Very similar except I used 10x in the batter instead of granulated sugar. In the movie he used a hershey's kiss and claimed the way we make it is just underdone.

  8. Just curious, in the movie Chef, he says you put frozen ganache in the center. Was that just for the movie, or is there alternate recipe?

  9. This is just what I need. I will be making this one for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing. I have to admit I will scramble the egg whites for my dog’s.

  10. I’m making this recipe and I’ve run into an issue. A stick and two tablespoons of butter doesn’t equal 10 oz. 10oz would be two and a half sticks of butter. Am I wrong here? Not sure which measurement to use

  11. Billy!
    Whenever I need to dust over a buttered pan when making anything chocoate (i.e. a batch of brownies), I don't dust with flour, I use chocolate powder so that the finished product does not have white, dry flour to contend with. * grins *

  12. Sorry bro, but there’s an error in your recipe. The written recipe states 10 oz of butter and in your video you state 10 oz of butter but you also state it’s “one stick plus two tablespoons”, which I’m sorry, but in the US, that’s 5 oz. One stick is a quarter pound or 4 oz and two tablespoons is an ounce. Please clarify (that’s a chef joke, cuz we’re talking about butter.)

  13. Believe it or not, I've never had a lava cake, ever. There's something about the ooze and the overdose of super sweet gooey chocolate that just turns me off. Yup, I'm weird lol. I mean, it looks nice!

  14. Chef Billy, good job always and God bless you. Thanks so much for sharing such dish with us, I appreciate you and the time you put into it to teach us the best.

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