Moo Ping (Thai Grilled Pork) As Made By My London Dish Winner Paul Ambrose

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  1. "Moo Ping" is literally "grilled pork". If it's not grilled, it's not Moo Ping. That's like broiling chicken and call it "Fried Chicken".

  2. I moved from Thailand to Germany for 6 months now and I REALLY MISS MOOPING. In Thailand, you can buy 5 stick along with a bag of sticky rice with just 1$. Very convenient if you are about too late for work or school.

  3. What the hell is it these days with everybody putting or adding music so loud that it makes it difficult to hear anything else being said…What…..?….Is it suppose to be a musical….?….If so….wheres the jerks in tights..?..if not and it's about cooking….drop the damned music….
    fecking ijuts….

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