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  1. Why calling it DOSHA?? Most people call it DOSA, but different people from different parts of the country pronounce differently I think, good recipe 🙂

  2. A suggestion Manjulaji,

    Over in South India, we make PESARATTU.
    Whole Moong is used instead of Moong Dal with Raw rice.
    The prroportion is Moong: Rice 1:0.5 One cup of Moong with 1/2 cup of raw rice. Soaked overnight.
    Next day add ginger, Green chilli, Curry leaves, Cumin seeds . Hing and Salt to taste.
    Make a fine paste. Prepare Pesarattu (Dosa) as usuallike you make Dosa and enjoy with chutney or whatever you like.

  3. Hi Aunty! I just love your cooking. I made dosa but it was not thin and crispy as yours..What can I do to make it thin??? Anyways too my simple (traditional one) also doesn't come out very thin. Please let me know what wrong I am doing?

  4. You can use dal powder but it is never that smooth and you do have to let batter sit for at least an hour before you make dosa. I make batter with soaking dal for best result but I make extra batter, you can refrigerate for 3-4 days or freeze in small containers for about a month, thaw the batter and use.

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