Must-Have Foods to ALWAYS Have on Hand » My Kitchen Staples to Keep Stocked Up On

Here I’m giving you my top food essentials to always have on hand, and that I use most often when making my recipes. Subscribe …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Great list! Me being Mexican, I always have dried chiles, use them at least once a week. The ones I always have are guajillo, ancho, morita and de arbol and a bag of Maseca, cause I like to make my own tortillas. As for utensils, I have to have a stone mortar (molcajete) and a tortilla press.

  2. I love the aesthetic of your kitchen! Beautiful white backsplash, countertops, unassuming appliances. It’s so elegant, every detail is understated but when seen together as a comprehensive unit this kitchen is so wonderful, peaceful, and stylish.

  3. Hi Chef! I hope you get to read this comment if so, let me know! I've seen some of your videos so far. I am not a chef, not a culinary school grad or anything. I just love cooking. Your recipes are well explained, simple to follow, and (in my experience) with great taste!

    Thanks for sharing all your recipes and experience!

    I am Guatemalan and I am watching all these international recipes. So I had a thought: now, let me challenge you a little bit. Guatemala is rich in gastronomy culture with corn (Zea mays) as one of its main ingredients. Would you mind choosing a recipe from our culture and upload a video? That'd give us a little exposure, and as well, enrich your knowledge.

  4. The perfect list! I have ‘em all plus more. Red pepper flakes are essential for Italian (Sicilian/Neapolitan) hubby. I’m always shocked when people barely use salt & pepper…and it’s obvious in their food😂. Have also learned not to use pre-ground pepper which is tasteless and too powdery. Invest in a pepper grinder people. You won’t regret it. Thank you, Billy! You are the BEST cooking vid on YouTube!!!!

  5. This is a great list, I am from the island and I definitely stock up on all these items except the parmesan cheese because most of the time I am not able to go to the grocery store

  6. Good stuff. I also must have fresh ginger, fish sauce, fish stock, scallions, a good cheddar, lentils, chick peas, tahini, coconut milk and a selection of noodles (Asian & Italian) and a head of cabbage (used to hate it unless drenched in mayo but now love it in a stir fry, or Polish buttered noodles with onion, "Jewish" salad…)

  7. I need to get the chicken and the chili powder. I have been trying to keep thyme but I run out and then forget to get some. I thought Italians used Oregano? I keep Oregano and cilantro for my Mexican/Latin dishes and beans or lentils too.

  8. I’m so delighted that you made this video. Thanks for sharing. I need to get rid of some of the unused “stuff” I have in my kitchen. Time to declutter!

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