My Date Fell Asleep at the Table (Dating STORY TIME)

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  1. The bar truly is in hell. I moved in with and lived with a guy for a year and he was 8 years older than me, constantly talked about how much my age (18 at the time) was a turn on, had a DUI, and was a misogynist conservative Christian who belittled my pagan faith, bullied me for being vegan and constantly tried to get me to eat meat, and talked crap about my culture and family. And he voted for trump. The bar is in hell.

  2. IMHO, cutting your losses at 6 months isn't anything to be ashamed it could have been much, much worse!

    For example: I got married to someone before I even knew what "red flags" were. Albeit, maybe she wasn't as bad: she did offer me a bong rip before we went out on our first dinner date. Though: at the time I was straight edge and vegan (she was clearly not straight edge and was a "no red meat" sort of vegetarian *sigh*).

  3. Even though I am dating someone amazing now, my family is still toxic. I don't wanna cut them off but I am so tired. I'm trying to put some space between us for now idk

  4. When you know your own worth, others will respect you and see your worth, too. Also, you will be wiser for having to have gone through the experience. Know, your boundaries, and then you can tell when someone is overstepping them. You are far very pretty and I think you are probably a very loveable person and you deserve so much better! Stick up for you! I am a mother, and it pains me to see someone so brilliant putting up with any b.s.! I see you worth, and you are a true gem!😉

  5. Yeah, red flags beyond belief. But girl, I totally know what you mean. I think a lot of women are raised to put up with complete BS behavior, as though that’s the best we can hope to get. But NO. We deserve so much better than that ❤

  6. Enjoyed the story time lol, but I was wondering can we have the recipe and info for your ramen dish? Please and thank you 😊

  7. Pulling out a bong in a car was a test. You should have stopped him in his tracks right there. Are you ever going to discuss what happened with James? Everything was fine for years and then suddenly went awry.

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