My Dogs Ate Like YouTubers for a Day | Vegan Edition | The Edgy Veg

Today’s what I eat in a day is going to be a little different. Instead of what I eat in a day, it’s what my dogs eat, and they eat like …


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  1. For anyone not watching and listening to the video and commenting right away… THIS VIDEO IS DONE FOR FUN. THIS IS NOT HOW THEY EAT DAILY.
    My dogs ate like this for ONE DAY ONLY. My dogs eat a vegan-diet recommended by my vet and consume award winning kibble and stew blends from Evolution Diet.
    Studies have proven that dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet when it is done properly. My vet approves of everything my pups eat, they are strong and healthy and have never had any illnesses. If you are going to try a vegan diet for your dog, educate yourself and know what to feed them so that they are able to thrive.
    Studies to look up and read:
    -Study by Semp (2014)(5) – no significant differences were evident in any of the tested parameters, compared to the dogs fed a conventional diet. Lower levels of iron and vitamin B12 in vegan dogs were not observed.
    -Study by Brown et al. (2009)(6) – It is difficult to envision any companion animals placed under greater physical demands than sprint-racing Siberian Huskies. During sprint races, these dogs run fast through snow, while hauling sleds, for much of the 30-mile race duration; half of the dogs were fed with plant-based diets, while the other half with meat-based diets. All dogs were assessed as being in excellent physical condition.
    -Study by PETA (1994)(7) – over 80% of dogs maintained on vegan or vegetarian diets for 50% to 100% of their lifetimes were reported as being in good to excellent health (the remaining 20% of dogs had the same health problems as those commonly reported within the normal domesticated dog population).

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  2. I have to make homemade food and treats for my doggie, she has intestinal issues and can't digest a lot of the highly processed store bought stuff. So, she's on a specialty diet (don't worry, I have consulted with our vet and this is what she's prescribed, after much trial and error, and she's doing great on this diet!) That I prepare for her every week😊. I also just don't trust a lot of those dog food manufacturers, you know? did I mention, she's 16 and amazing! 😍 ❤️ She's my best friend and I'd do anything for her

  3. My dog isn’t tot Egan, but he does eat my vegan food. Sometimes, he will take just a few bites of what I’m eating, other times, he will eat everything I put on his plate. Candace, would you do a video of the dog food you make? I love your dogs. My little boy is a Pekingese, a puppy mill rescue.

  4. Dogs can have avocado but only in small amounts- specifically they can have the avocado oil- my pup eats a avo-infused food- for a shiny coat and healthy digestion! He’s very fancy

  5. Vegan Pup Cookbook coming to a store near you 😉😉 Loved this video! Planning for our puppy Luna's, first Birthday in May. Those energy bites will be a cute snack for all the doggie friends 💚💚

  6. For everyone arguing kibble is trash….?????? Um just like human food there’s the good stuff and the shit stuff, it’s not hard to find a decent brand that isn’t all shitty meat derivatives. There seems to be more “vegan” dog foods now with the essentials added, although I do wonder where they get it from and keep it still vegan 🤔perhaps I will research into vegan dog food brands

  7. I'm going to make these for my dogs tomorrow cant wait, also thanks for linking where you purchase your dog food. My dogs currently on the vegan Halo formula and love it but I would like them to try something new.

    Thanks ❤

    P.s. dont listen to the haters my dogs are 5 years old and have been vegan since they were born, they are still active like puppies and visit the vet regularly who says they are in great health.

  8. I actually make homemade vegan dog food (with supplements of course to make sure it's nutritionally balanced like kelp and taurine, etc). I use sprouted chickpeas, sprouted lentils, sprouted oats, green peas, brown rice (both sprouted if possible), sweet potato, raw carrots, zuchinni, apples, cranberries and some sort of greens, broccoli, spinach, kale, etc, whatever is on hand that week. I also add hemp protein powder and oil and hempseeds, sometimes I add sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds chopped. Sometimes I add blueberries and banana but not all the time. My dog does not do well with unsprouted legumes and quinoa, she pukes off of those so wouldn't recommend that all the time. But this is a great dog food recipe! Hopefully posting it soon! – Serena Moon SSS

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