My Family Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti sauce is one of those staple Italian family recipes that gets passed down from generation to generation. There really is no need to ever buy this …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I thought the idea of adding sugar to tomato sauce was to reduce the acidity. So, doesn't adding more acidic vinegar defeat the purpose for adding the sugar? thx for the content.

  2. Nothing in life is more satisfying than a huge plate of Spaghetti! Guaranteed to over indulge, every time. Yours looks fantastic.

  3. Have you ever added Worcestershire to the sauce. I know it doesn't sound good but think of a Bloody Mary. Maybe in place of the basaltic vinegar. Your sauce looks delicious and La will have to try it.

  4. That looks very reasonable. I have a question…is it not a good idea to cook off the tomato paste so it's not so "raw"? Like maybe in towards the end of the onion and garlic phase just before the wine?

  5. Wow! This recipe is very close to mine… I just don’t use wine unless I’m making a bolognese sauce for lasagne. And, because we like our food spicy in my family, we sometime add a little cayenne or Calabrian red pepper but the other ingredients were nearly identical. Just found this channel and am already very impressed with the recipes and techniques. Subscribed and a new fan.

  6. Made this sauce the other day following all. It was okay. If I do this again, think I would make some changes. For one, leave out the oregano. Less wine and balsamic vinegar. Use fresh basil. Might not add the parmesan. Then taste and go from there.

  7. Chef, thanks so much for sharing this technique with us. I've made sauce for decades with precisely the same ingredients, but the onion and wine lead has elevated my sauce quite a bit – so delicious!

  8. Will try, for sure. A pinch of baking soda will caramelize the onions beautifully. My mother was born in 1904. Her Italian cooking was divine like no other. Unfortunately, I did not cook with her growing up. Vague memories. Seemed to me, one important ingredient for flavor was pork in the sauce, which I often saw pork chops fried than bone removed instead of sausage at the beginning. Thank you for your video!

  9. Thank you for all your recipes and your time. I tried your website to adjust the serving size. It adjusts the serving size very well when on the webpage but when you go to print it reverts back to the original serving size. I hope you see this and try it to see if it is my system or others have had the same issue. I really enjoy watching and learning from you. We all are in school every day. Again thank you.

  10. Rabbrividisco !! Da italiano rabbrividisco. Da cuoco rabbrividisco. Evidentemente le origini italiane non so non sufficienti. Anzi probabilmente hanno fatto danni. Ma entriamo nel merito. Il vino si aggiunge alla carne e non il contrario. Prima la carne deve essere tostata con un grasso, si solito olio extravergine di oliva. Poi viene aggiunta al soffritto (sedano carota e cipolla fatto soffriggere a parte) se sedano carota e cipolla vengono chiamati la “Santa trinità” dai cuochi italiani ci sarà un motivo? Perché non si mette la carne cruda nel soffritto? Perché le verdure del soffritto rilasciano acqua che impedisce la reazione di Maillard, quindi la carne diventa lessa e fa schifo, per questo motivo si aggiunge la carne già “tostata” alle verdure soffritte. DOPO si aggiunge il vino! Per il solito motivo e, a fuoco ALTO! si fa evaporare TUTTO l’alcol. Solo SUCCESSIVAMENTE si aggiunge il pomodoro. E questo non ha niente a che vedere con la ricetta specifica ma sono i fondamentali della cucina fai un ragù si fa così! Fai uno spezzatino si fa così! Fai un goulash, si fa così! Fai un Boeuf bourguingon si fa così! Punto!! Senza se e senza ma. Non è questione di ricetta ma di chimica degli alimenti. Sulla qualità di quei troiai che chiami spaghetti poi lasciamo perdere. È un offesa al cognome che porti.

  11. Today about an hour ago I got lucky. I found you! I've been watching your videos for the last hour and I need to stop so I can try one of your recipes. They are all sooo great! Today I'll start with the chilaguiles for breakfast then the salmon for lunch and the scallops for dinner. I like the spaghetti with meat sauce but I have stopped eating red meats. Muchas gracias and blessings!

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