My Family Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti sauce is one of those staple Italian family recipes that gets passed down from generation to generation. There really is …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Sorry Billy not at all impressed. this isn't even pedestrian. An Italian who is also a chef, sauce should really wow. For starters you got no color on the meat, 4 pounds no thought no attempt at the maillard effect. It needs to cook with some crushed red pepper not for heat but for flavor, it makes a huge difference. the parsley is a waste, it adds zilch, the vinegar? please, and San Marzano's are a must!!! Yes 3 cans are $15, so worth it with every bite! Finally soaking the onions and garlic in red wine, ruined! That was not deglazing it was dousing. Im sure its edible, but it needs to be incredible and just bursting like crazy with flavors. Incredible sauce wows on its own no need for wine and vinegar and games. This is so off for you, I have a feeling you have a credible sauce recipe that your not willing to share.

  2. Hmmm…well, I definitely don’t approve of not tossing the pasta (not noodles) in the sauce completely. Ordinarily, I’d say that’s the tell tale sign of a cook who has no idea what he’s doing. However I’ve seen your other videos and cooked many of them and I know you’re not always conventional. Your unorthodox way of preparing gumbo was great so I’ll look the other way!😜

    However, might I suggest your use of dried herbs and sugar is a bridge too far? Italian cooking is about freshness, quantity ingredients and simplicity. Perhaps your endeavor is more in the vein of Italian “American” cooking? Whenever I see sauces with all these different dots and colors of “Italian seasonings” I can’t help but think “amateur” but perhaps I’m being to strict?

    And shouldn’t the sweetness of the tomatoes negate the need for sugar? This seems like cheating to me.

    Just food for thought. You’re one of my favorites. I find you likable, charming and a pleasure to watch. You’ve taught me a lot!

  3. I made this, and it was outstanding,,,,,I got rave f review. I must say I have tried many of your recipes and never disappointed. I love how you teach….Have you ever thought about a online cooking school for home cooks? The techniques you give is taking my cooking to the next level. Thank you

  4. I was out of the country for about 7 months. Before we left, I made this sauce and froze it. Day before we came back, asked my husband to pull out a container from the freezer so we could have dinner. Was delicious, no cooking after a long trip. Seriously, make this sauce and freeze it! It’s a lifesaver when you dont have time to cook.

  5. Hi Chef! Good lookin' ragu! Love the Balsamic. I was taught by a pretty great Italian chef to put it in right after the onions sweat and reduce it before the wine so it sweetens. Seems to work, as I don't have to add sugar. Great flavor either way. I'm originally from Detroit! You mention your Father coming in from Detroit. You from there? Keep Cookin'!!! Love your stuff. Take care, and God Bless.

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