My Family’s HOMEMADE Italian Sausage Recipe

Learn how to make the best authentic, flavorful homemade Italian sausage recipe from scratch that is simple to cook and delicious …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I have six butchers in my family and I have learned to make sausage in the first rule of sausage making when you’re grinding is do you have your meat almost frozen leave it in the freezer not the fridge the video I watched hear you’re fat smeared really bad if you freeze it look like regular ground sausage that look like it was all smeared

  2. it's amazing how you saved $ 16 on the sausage, but I noticed you have some very impressive equipment to do all this work and put in time as well. Now, hoping YouTube compensates you for being so informative and courteous to us novices, when would you meet the Break Even Point on making sausages if you consider the costs of equipment and time?

  3. I’ve been making my father’s polish kielbasa for decades. I too struggled with that KitchenAid attachment but recently got an incredible deal on Lincoln Outfitter grinder/stuffer. Cuts the work time in half. I have tried Italian sausage 3 times now, but it’s bland and dry. I’m trying your recipe. But I have to say that I absolutely love your linking technique! The sausage are stuffed and in the fridge until tomorrow to cure and dry a bit. I’ll let you know how they turned out. Made r lbs polish and 5 lbs italian. I’ll dress those Italian Chicago style when I make sandwiches.

  4. I hadn't made any sausage for about 20 years so set about looking for a herb & spice mix to use as had lost my previous recipe. I do remember my previous recipe contained only dry ingredients so I had some mild trepidation about using fresh garlic, orange rind and parsley. Anyway I followed your recipe as close as I could, allowing for the ratio of meat I was using compared to yours's and low and behold it was truly, wonderfully, exceptional – punchy, but smooth as silk!! Well done and THANKYOU for setting me straight back on the road of sausage making again! The only possible issue is the amount of garlic; using this amount, you don't just get it in your food, you get it in your fridge, in your kitchen, in your whole house! The question is – halve the garlic, halve the repercussions? I think not. Perhaps that's why my old recipe specified dried garlic rather than wet. Still, if you can't stand the heat – STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!

  5. I make my Sicilian grandfather's sausage recipe several times a year and I made it in bulk at Christmas as gifts for family so they can make subs. I appreciate the tip about the ice, makes sense. I do wine and cheese usually.

  6. Great recipe, I love to make Italian spiced sausage at home. It is always better than buying it. I appreciate you showing us how mush we can save making it at home. Best Regards

  7. Looks like it'd take about 100lbs of sausage to cover the cost of that grinder before any actual savings begin. After no more than two or three years, even with a small family and a good quality grinder, the cost savings begin to show. You should be able to amortize the cost with less than a third of that amount of sausage if you get a manual grinder and have two people working together to make the sausages. Real savings in the long-term and a much higher quality than typical store-bought sausage.

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