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  1. So delicious cashew is one of my favourite ice creams (diary or non-diary) it’s so good! I especially love the caramel cluster one

  2. I mean, obviously if the base is not coconut, it won't taste like coconut? Unless I'm missing something, the snark seems really unnecessary. Some people (myself included) find coconut to be an overpowering and unpleasant flavour in desserts, so it's good that there are vegan ice-creams out there that don't use coconut as a base.

  3. I hate that everything is made of coconut oil these days. First of all It tastes terrible, and secondly it's so high cholesterol. That and palm oil are turning up everywhere. So Delicious used to be Soy Delicious. It worked for me. Guess I'll have to make my own soft serve plant based ice cream. Thanks for doing your taste tests.

  4. I feel like almond milk makes the best non dairy substitute for ice cream in my opinion I used to date someone one who was lactose intolerant and we would eat this all the time

  5. Foragers makes AMAZING cashew ice cream. The Mint Chip is my favorite, the cookies n cream is great too. Not a fan of coconut ice cream. No matter what flavor it says it is…it’s dominantly coconut. Lol love coconut! Just don’t want EVERYTHING to taste like it

  6. I hate coconut so me and coconut ice cream don’t mix well, been working on a vegan ice cream without coconut as a base as I like to make my own ice cream…

  7. when you live in Australia and the one company that made affordable vegan ice cream is no longer available, and the few options remaining are $10-$14 per tub 🙁

  8. I don't mind the taste of coconut ice cream but for me it's always the unhealthiest choice with its massive saturated fat content and shit is HARD AS A ROCK yo! You need to leave it on the counter for at least a half an hour to get a proper scoop and I can't be arsed to wait that long for my fix 🙈

  9. Sometimes I want the coconut flavor, but it can be pretty dominant in a “single flavor” ice cream. When I actually give in and buy ice cream, I usually gravitate towards the wild “how much shit can we put in this” style ones, so Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy is a definite favorite.

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