My Friends Said This Was the Best Al Pastor Taco They’ve Ever Had

This delicious Authentic Mexican Tacos al Pastor is thinly sliced marinated pork roasted on a spit with pineapple for an …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Good vid Billy. BTW, you CAN use pineapple juice for extended marinades IF you first boil it. The heat deactivates the bromelain. I do this routinely with my Pastor marinade. Just add the juice to your simmering chilis to get it all in one pot.

  2. You nailed it! I’ve been cooking pastor a few times in the last couple of months. Recipe’s slightly different, but in essence the same. One little “but”, too much cumin.

  3. Hello Chef Parisi, I wonder if you could provide links to where one might get/purchase both of the rotisseries that you can use for this recipe. I am rather interested in the oven rotisserie. Thank you for the wonderful recipes! My family thanks you even more since they are the recipients of the delicious food that I prepare.

  4. Hello Chef ! I see that some of your previous recipes have used alcohol of some kind. I just came from the Chicken Fricassee recipe and I was wondering if you have any substitutes for the white wine used in it. Any advice from anyone is welcome. Please and thank you !

  5. I wanted to thank you Chef for showing a technique of breaking up chicken into pieces. I got a great deal per lb on good quality chicken quarters. Broke up to legs and thighs, and saved the back bones and trimmed fat off thighs for making stock. For $1.09 a lb, I have plenty of meat in the freezer. Thank you for building the confidence, and yes I am proud to be a Commie.

  6. OR you can get a baking sheet, halve one large potato to sit in the base of the pan, stick in 3-4 strong skewers and pierce your meat and lay it down just like Billy Boy did and then oven for 90 minutes or until cooked through. You’re welcome! 😊😅😂

  7. Hi Chef, I appreciate your foray into authentic Mexican food. I myself did it about two years ago, and the results were incomparably good food. I love watching your channel though, because as a chef you have some pointers and technique that help elevate everything. Thanks again.

  8. Damn dude, loving all the Mex recipes lately! I just brought back a ton of achiote bars from Belize last month, guess I know how I’m using some of it now! Thanks! 🔥

  9. I don't personally like the texture of pineapple but I do like the flavor. What I do is baste 2 times with pineapple juice while it's roasting. Brings a bit of that flavor forward without having to put it in the marinade.

  10. On "Searching For Mexico" they made Tacos al Pastor on vertical spit roast like here but they put raw onions and peppers underneath so that the pork fat would flavor and cook the onions.

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