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  1. Ive been making Kombutcha for many years and my very Favorite flavor is Grape.. i make it with Welches 100% Grape juice of coarse its aways an F2 ya know… but its MARVELOUSLY DELISH… my swc ffav is made w Dried Cherries and Starr Anise.. takes like Dr. Pepper… soo tasty. And ive forgot a batch in the fridge in the grarage and left it wasy over a year… my Husband decided to be brave and drank it one.. 😳😳… OIT STANDING. Serious. I would have chunked it but it was DEVINE. Nothing wrong with it. Im sure becausw it was left undisturbed mostly and constant temp. But i couldnt believe it. Sooo good and bubbly. Try the Grape. You never go back. ❤

  2. There’s nothing like homemade kombucha. I like to dehydrate fresh strawberries and then add them as my sugar replacement before the second fermentation. Have fun with the flavors!

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