My MOST REALISTIC Vegan Fried Chicken

Vegan Fried Chicken: KFC Seasoning: …


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  1. I understand that vegans dont eat anythinf meat based or dairy based. But why if you are making the choice to stay away from chicken, meat and fish would you want the food you are eating to taste like the foods you are avoiding. Shouldnt the veggies taste like veggies? Im not meaning this in an offensive way im just simply trying to understand the concept of veganism.

  2. Or you could just use jackfruit as meat substitute for vitamins and proteins. Weird people. Won't eat chicken but want to eat food that looks and tastes like chicken.

  3. I don’t understand why vegans make something look like chicken aren’t you vegan ? It doesn’t make any sense

  4. Ok can someone help me out here. What’s the reason why vegans don’t like to eat meat? I only ask bc I have a vegan friend and he said that the reason he doesn’t eat meat is bc he doesn’t like the thought of killing an animal or the thought of eating an innocent animal. And every time he see meat he pictures that animal. But yet when I come to work he tells me I can eat stuff that resembles chicken or any kind of meat like tofu ppl make chicken nuggets out of or chicken. And I’m like if you don’t like meat why are you eating stuff that shape or resembles meat? So my question is for people that are vegan why do some of you eat stuff that resembles meat. Like in this video if you don’t like actual meat and you don’t like the fact that ppl are killing animals. Like even if you have tofu chicken wouldn’t that make you not want to eat it bc it looks like the actual thing.

  5. All i can say is, it's good but don't expect it to taste anything like chicken 😂😂, the texture can be like meat though but not the taste. Comming from a Vietnamese where vegan, vegeterian food is pretty common here.

  6. Everytime I see a vegan try to recreate meat it makes me think of Hammy from over the hedge when he tries to recreate a dorito by cutting bark into a triangle and rubbing a bee on it

  7. Actually Jesus made animals for us to eat, because what happens if chickens got to populated. We're to be good stewards of animals, meaning we have to kill some.

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