My Refried Beans Recipe is Better Than Yours

You will never buy canned again once you taste this delicious, refried beans recipe that is simple to prepare and loaded with …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. All the "don't skip this step"-steps.. I'm totally gonna skip them. I'm not gonna wait for 25 minutes until the onions are done when I can have a similar result in three.

  2. Here's a pro tip Chef. During cooking in water add a hamhock, couple pieces of good bacon or ham bone from a holiday ham. You can also use salt pork of you have it. If you are concerned about hamhock bones, just put the hock in cheese cloth. I've never had that problem. I don't add cumin or Mexican oregano. I will try it though.

  3. No way are yours better than mine. Seriously doubt yours are better than mine. I’m Mexican American and I cook my frijoles in an olla using our family recipe that has been passed down mother to daughter longer than the history of this country.

  4. Chef BP taking some hits here in the comments section. I'm glad everyone is passionate about their beans and that their way is the best (for them). I think the chef was just having some fun saying his beans are better than yours. Remember, there is more than 1 person watching this video and he's correct many times and maybe off the mark for some who love beans. If you see enough of his uploads, it's clear to me he just wants to get viewers better at any particular dish. Basic skills to increase confidence to try and create something good in the kitchen. Maybe this video didn't help you but I'm sure it helped many. Maybe the next video will be on something you aren't nearly as familiar with. Maybe the chef will entertain accepting videos or similar on this topic and put it to the test. Have a great weekend everyone.

  5. I'm sure they taste great. Billy. but…
    I owned a Mexican restaurant in San Diego in the late 80s. Our cook was from Mexico City and he shared all his grandma's recipes with me. I use that same recipe today and her techniques, which are authentic. Yes, topped with cheese, but adding cheese to the mixture is "Americanizing": the recipe. 'jus sayin'! ☺

  6. My method is pretty similar, but I never add cumin; because I'm usually plating the beans with a cumin-flavored entree. Also, putting cheese in the beans makes no sense to me. Sprinkle cotija on top, or some crumbled feta.

  7. I was skeptical ngl because I’m Mexican but you killed it with those refried beans! I’ve made them before but not with the added spices, herbs, and aromatics so I’ll have to give this a try. They look amazing 🤩

  8. No it isn't better than mine. And, you missed an opportunity show folks how to enjoy some "pre-mash" like a soup that so many people enjoy. Pour some in a bowl before you mash, add cilantro, onion and your favorite pepper like jalapeño or serrano, then sprinkle some cheese and enjoy with a corn tortilla for dipping. Delicious. Otherwise, great recipe. (c'mon haters…)

  9. I think you read my mind. After all your delicious Mexican recipes over on FB, I was thinking, Chef, I sure wish you would do a video of your version of refried beans. Then boom….here it is today. Quite different from my way so I'm really excited about trying it. Blessings to you and yours, Chef.

  10. Love love refried beans. I like to smear them on a flour tortilla topped with cheese and broil in the oven for a little snack. I've made them from canned beans but haven't tried dried beans, I'm definitely gonna try this recipe.

  11. I’ve been making refried beans for 35 years and I guarantee that mine are better. I learned from several Mexican families and cooked in a couple restaurants that served them. I combined what I learned to create my recipe.

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